Wardrobe Audit

Pick the items that you need for your wardrobe, choose the payment timescale and send us your details so that we can arrange a chat.

Item Price Required
Bepoke Suit (1)£895
Bespoke Suit (2)£895
Bespoke 3 piece Suit£1150
Dinner Jacket£895
Morning Suit£1250
Summer Suit£895
Everday Shirt£115
Elegance Shirt£125
Country Shirt£175
Patterned Shirt£195
Linen / Bamboo Shirt£195
Flannel Trousers£325
Lightweight Trouser£295
Smoking Jacket£695
Shooting Vest£395
Tweed 3 Piece£1250
Total: £0.00

Months to pay: 3

Monthly payments of: £0

Total cost over 3 months: £0
Payments will be taken via direct debit using GoCardless.


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All prices are subject to change based on fabric choices & design selections. A 10% surcharge will be added to chest sizes of 48” and over. Chest sizes of 60” or over will incur extra costs. All prices will be confirmed before cutting takes place.